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Residential Painting

Residential painting Sydney


We at Ozi Quality Painting Services understand that your home is an important asset to protect and maintain to keep it in top condition.

We work on homes that are new, old, redecorated or renovated. We offer free competitive quotes at affordable prices to assist you in achieving your end result.

We employ skilled professional house painters who take care in the quality of their work , to provide you the finest finish for your home.

Our aim is to present you with a finished product that gives you the best possible outcome and satisfaction at the result.

Our experience in Interior and Exterior painting will appeal to the eye and increase the value of your property.

A house is just a space with four walls until you make an effort to turn that into your own home. However, converting your house space and making it feel like a safe and personal abode can be an overwhelming task. You know what can help you – Painting your house by hiring our services. We are a popular residential painting Sydney-based Company.

Adding vibrant colors can allow you to enhance the entire atmosphere of your home. Our professional house painting experts are highly skilled in that task.

On a mission to revolutionize how house painting Sydney is being carried out and to provide the best of the best painting services to the residents, Ozi Quality Painting Services has been working through integrating technology and creative minds in the painting industry.

Should you go through some of the benefits of choosing our home and units painting services? We are sure that you will happily handover your next project to us without any inhibitions.

If you are searching Residential Painting in Penrith, then you can rely on us as our experience, techniques and efficient staff reassure for you to get that quality result you are seeking. As a skilled Residential Painter in Penrith, we have proved ourselves as the household name.

If you are a resident of Lower Blue Mountains and looking for the residential painting then first and foremost, you must explore reaching up to experienced house painter in lower Blue Mountains to get a perfect coat on your walls. So, never compromise while making the selection of a painting contractor. Choose Ozi Quality Painting Services that have expertise in the House painting and providing service all over Sydney and its surrounding areas.

Benefits of Choosing Ozi Quality Painting Services for Residential Painting!

 Competitive Price

We afford you the best quote on price, which will be competitive to other quotes.

This quote will guarantee the best paint used, which will be environmentally friendly in both the interior and exterior of your home and the quality of work completed and will last you for years to come.

Punctuality and Professionalism

We ensure to arrive and finish on agreed hours to fit in with your requirements and complete our work on time. Our reputation is important to us. It is guaranteed in our professional ethics to maintain a high standard of work and satisfaction for our customer.


Our workmanship provides you with a clean cut , highly finished home that will increase the value of your home and leave you with the satisfied feeling of a job well done and a new love for your home. Your finished home will be eye appealing to prospective buyers and onlookers like neighbours who will appreciate the value of their street appeal.


We value our customer’s environment, furniture, flooring and pathways and our reputation to provide a safe, clean method of working whilst providing that quality finish. Covers will be used to protect spaces and items from damage to them, leaving clean, crisp finishes to all areas painted and your surroundings will be left clean and tidy at the end of each day.

 Dedicated Customer Service

Our team of skilled staff works together in harmony to create a friendly, down to earth atmosphere for both our customers and each other. We are here to help support you and make sure your requirements are met according to your specified needs. We guide you through the process and explain each step so you can see the progress of work and welcome your involvement.


We highly value your feedback in the form of a Testimonial, which we add to our list of happy customers who are well satisfied with their results.

Right Quality of Products Used

We believe that a perfect house painting work can be done only if the right quality of products is used for the projects. So, we ensure the selection of branded products and paints for home painting projects without compromising on the quality.

Transparent and Accountable Work Process

From the time we take up your residential painting project until we finish that, we ensure to uphold the values of accountability and transparency. From the wall measurement process to product procurement, cost estimates and other logistics, we share every single detail daily.
By choosing our professional house painting services, you can rest assured that you are delivered your dream house in no time and with the supreme finishing.